How we take a project from design to reality.

We’ll guide you through the process step by step.

Many of our clients have not been involved in a building project before and knowing so little of what to expect can be intimidating. This should not be a worry as we expect this to be the case and it is for the architect to guide the client carefully at each stage and to make every step quite clear. Below are the main stages that a typical project will go through.


The first, and most important thing to do is understand your vision.

We are a bespoke architectural firm – a ‘boutique’ firm if you like, we are small and specialise in tailoring designs to the exact requirements of our clients. We do not offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution in any respect and so the consultation stage is crucial. During this stage we seek to not only fulfil the requirements you have voiced but also to assess what would really excite you but that perhaps you cannot articulate. We like to read between the lines to create something over and above your expectations. Practical topics such as budget, timescales etc are also discussed at this time to gain a full picture of your aspirations.

Architectural Design

Feasible concepts are produced through a harmony of creativity and technical pragmatism.

This is broken down from the early sketch design stage to full working drawings and specifications. Plenty of time is allocated to the early design stage as no amount of technical expertise can make up for a lack of imaginative design and this is where close communication is essential to achieve your dream result.

The next stage is to prepare detailed design drawings and documents suitable for a planning application. This stage is followed by the Building Regulations stage where documents are worked up to provide construction information to satisfy the requirements of the Building Regulations.

Finally, drawings and documents are further developed to be working drawings suitable for site use and become the basis of a tender package if that is the desired route.

Site Management

It’s vital that we ensure the design intent is carried through and realised on site.

The best drawings and documents are of no use if they are not correctly read by those working on site. At the contract management stage regular inspections of the build are carried out and reports made to the client. Any problems that the builder may have can be addressed at an early stage and any misinterpretations of documents can be ironed out.

Our expertise at Inspiration allows us to be involved with the project right up to the point of handing the finished building over to the client.

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