Queen Anne House Refurbishment

The gracious house depicted is a building of significant historical importance and was once the vicarage of the village in a long gone era.

This lovely building has been a private home for some time and was last subject to major renovations in the 1980’s. The owners wanted to carry out quite extensive internal works to upgrade all of the existing bathrooms, add a further bathroom and also improve other accommodation to make them more fit for current purpose.
The project required designs that would have maximum impact in improving and updating the existing accommodation but that were in line with all the conservation issues that went along with its historical pedigree.

One of the keys to good site management is selecting the right contractor for the job. This was a project that required a contractor that was very familiar with working on sensitive historic building so that there would be an understanding of these issues from the very beginning. This ensures constructive and positive collaboration when challenges are faced that are uniquely to do with working on historic buildings.
One of the first challenges relating to upgrading the bathrooms was to ensure that a great enough water pressure was achievable to support all showers/baths to be running simultaneously. The water pressure coming into the house was very low and so a very large ‘brake tank’ with a pump was installed in an outbuilding to provide the pressure to support the new plumbing system.

Daily communication was maintained throughout most of the contract as much of the work was very detailed and bespoke. The client’s requirements were very particular and the last detail was of much importance and a constant line of communication needed to be open with the conservation department.

This was not a project with a clear start, finish and end but evolved as the clients elaborated and amended ideas as the project evolved. As we offer a fully bespoke service we can be as flexible as the client requires to allow them the opportunity to fully achieve their dreams without being overwhelmed and swept along once the process of building begins.
The result of this project is a house which now not only has fully up to date and prestigious accommodation but in which the original character grace of the house as a whole has been enhanced by the works.