Interior Remodelling, Ascot

The project illustrated was to fully furnish a 6 bedroom house in Ascot to the very specific requirements of the owners. Whilst in discussion with the clients it was decided that it would also be desirable to demolish some areas of the house and re-build with more architecturally satisfying spaces before then finishing off with the detailed interior design schemes.

The house was on three floors and the uppermost floor was largely re-modelled to make it feel more like an integral part of the house incorporating a new and far more open stair leading from the main first floor landing. The top floor was to have a ‘ski lodge’ feel with cosy timber and stone finishes and warm and soft fabrics. The ceiling was re-constructed to create dark timber coffers with integral lighting and a large contemporary rooflight was installed to give the space a much more airy feel in the daytime. We fully re-modelled the 2 bathrooms on this level designing bespoke walnut cabinetry to give them a new luxury feel. Each of the four bedrooms on this level were finished and furnished in line with each of the children’s unique interests and personalities.

An existing large utility area was converted to a ‘den’ containing bespoke designed walnut units with specialist climate controlled wine cabinets. A seating area was designed together with a wall of shelving and units to make and serve drinks and with a screen and built in sound system. Creating this space was similar to designing a yacht interior where every inch counts and where an overall impression of luxury is required. The mood is sultry, cosy and relaxed – a perfect place to escape and watch golf over a glass of wine with friends.
In contrast to the cosy ‘den’ a new dining and sitting room was created by demolishing an existing structure and replacing it with one of very tall and graceful proportions with full height arched windows and a bespoke timber roof lantern. The feeling of this room was to be gracious and formal, almost a ballroom feel. A black and white marble paved floor sets the tone together with pure silk wall finishes. Much of the furniture was designed by ourselves to suit the atmosphere of the space. There was one wall where tall windows were not possible. This was dealt with by designing mirrors using the same timber profiles as the windows to create the illusion of the tall windows being on all three sides of the space rather than just two.

Curtains and finishes generally were supplied and installed to the rest of this large luxury residence.