Augustus Spa, Anatolia (Turkey)

Situated underneath the main residential/hospitality block of the whole development, this large luxury provides every modern facility expected of the best dedicated spa buildings.

It is situated on 2 floors providing ample treatment rooms and traditional Turkish baths all arranged around a central dramatic pool space designed to allude to ancient Roman baths – many ruined examples of which still exist in this part of Turkey.

The main pool space is designed to give the sense of weight and mass and being underneath a massive building. It is a little ‘crypt’ like with domes and columns give a sense of the great weight of building being carried above. This space has a sense of being flooded throughout with island platforms providing the seating and relaxation areas. Some of the lighting is provided via small slots in the domes above to create the effect of shafts of daylight occasionally piercing this moody space. The rest of the lighting is low level or submerged illuminating the water from below.