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RIBA Chartered Architects in Berkshire

Offering bespoke design, and a service uniquely crafted to your requirements from initial ideas to work on site, INSPIRATION is your first choice for architects in Berkshire and beyond. Working in a soft contemporary style that works beautifully for both period listed buildings and new cutting edge designs, we will make your dreams become a reality. Above all else, we believe that the design process should excite you and help you achieve your vision. By working closely with you from the initial brief to the finished construction, we will ensure that all ideas and designs are carefully tailored to your dream.

Core Specialities

Newly built modern designed home in the countryside by architects in Berkshire, Inspiration Architects. Wooden paneled frontage with grey stone feature walls, dark grey tiles and large windows to let in light.

Award Winning Design

The quality of our design and creativity has been recognised in multiple international awards for architecture and interior design.

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Many of our clients come to us specifically for our expertise in managing the planning process, and gaining planning permission on difficult builds.

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Newly renovated country home by architects in Berkshire, Inspiration Architects. Large gravel driveway with landscaped garden features around the edge.

Contract Management

We stay involved with most of our projects right through the construction phase and know that this is the best way of ensuring that the designs our clients have fallen in love with will not be lost in translation.

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Newly renovated interior by architects in Berkshire, large dining room, large full height windows to the outside to allow light into the room, with large mirrored windows on the wall to give the effect of being in the center.

Interior Design

We can carry our design right through to the fine details and finishing touches. With access to all the aspirational brands of the interior design world we can furnish your home with that unmistakable designer look.

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Established in 1999

As highly experienced Architects, Interior Designers and project managers, we’ve got the knowledge you need to realise your vision.


Ever since Inspiration Architects was founded in 1999, we’ve been consistently pushing ourselves to achieve more for our clients. Naturally, that passion for excellence has led us to managing projects across multiple sectors, and we’ve become experts in …

New Build Houses

A new build house is the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful building tailored perfectly to the owners’ lifestyle. Having completed a number one-off house projects from concept to realisation we have the vision and experience to realise your dream home from start to finish. We can also finish off your house in detail with our interior design expertise.

Remodelling, Extending and Refurbishment

Many of our projects are not complete new builds. Very often extension work is also combined with remodelling the interior of an existing building to make the best possible use of existing space. We also have extensive experience working with historic and listed buildings and understand the unique challenges that these present whilst still achieving spectacular results.

Sustainable Buildings

We have experience of delivering buildings with a very high level of sustainability. This comes down to client aspirations as levels of sustainability over and above those that are mandatory come with a higher price tag. This is a priority to us however and we will seek to improve levels of sustainability wherever possible.

Interior Design

We like to think holistically about building design. The design of the building affects the furniture layout but, equally, the desired furniture layout should affect the form of the building – it is all part of one inseparable whole. We think about what the resulting interior feels like right from the very beginning of the building design even if we have not been commissioned for interior design. We have considerable experience in delivering interior design schemes however and so can finish your project off to the last detail.

Bring Your Project to Life

Architectural projects can seem daunting at first, with so many variables to consider. Our experience allows us to guide you through the process, from the initial ideas to stepping foot in your new building.

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